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Online Marketing Strategies that Increase Sales [Workshop Replay]

Is it time to shift your relationship with marketing?

Do you think marketing is about selling your [book, art, service, product] to someone?

That mindset could make your marketing sound “salesy.” That salesy feeling is why most people dislike marketing. And it is why many people dislike marketers. It is a “push” marketing approach.

It is time to think about marketing as helping someone. We all like helping others.

Who can you help with your book, your art, your service or product?

Because marketing is really about change, not selling. Changing someone’s day, changing someone’s business, changing someone’s outlook.

Change happens when your work makes an impact.

Change somebody’s day by entertaining them with your work. Change somebody’s business by helping them regain time or money with your service. Change someone’s outlook with your message.

Your work makes an impact when people see it, engage with it, and pay you for it.

This is the “give” approach to marketing.

The March 2021 workshop in the Creative Law Center will focus on how to recognize and embrace your authentic marketing voice in order to become known, liked, and trusted. Then you can create change.

This month’s guest is Todd Giannattasio, Marketing Advisor at Tresnic Media, who has extensive experience in digital marketing. Todd will share with us his vision of the marketing strategies that are working now and those which will continue working in a post-pandemic world. (That’s beautiful phrase, isn’t it? Post-pandemic. . . . But I digress.)

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • answer the two questions that will form the basis of your marketing message
  • identify how and where customers find you
  • choose the top marketing and engagement channel that makes the most sense for you
  • build a editorial calendar for the next quarter as the first step in your broader marketing vision

You’ll finish this workshop with an understanding of how to create marketing that is a natural extension of who you are.

Your authentic voice with a marketing strategy behind it will help you create change and make an impact.

That kind of marketing mindset translates to sales.

This workshop is being offered as a stand alone opportunity. You do not have to be a member of the Creative Law Center to attend it (members will have access, of course, and need not purchase the workshop separately).

This is a live, interactive workshop using Zoom. You will be able to ask questions in real time.

You’ll get an email with the link for for the workshop replay and resources once you sign up. You will have lifetime access to the replay.

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