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Image Protection on the Internet

Image Protection on the Internet [Live Workshop]

If you’re on the Internet, you are posting images. It can’t be avoided.

Whether it’s an image of your art, your photography, your design work, your illustrations, your products, your book cover, your whatever it is – no one is engaged online without posting images.

The questions are:

  • Do you need to protect the images you post?
  • How does protecting your images serve your business/career/personal goals?
  • Can images posted online even be protected?

It’s the protection v. obscurity conundrum.

The more your work is out there, the more likely it is going to be stolen.

The only sure way to prevent the theft of your work is not to put it out there at all.

But if you don’t share it, nobody is going to see it and how does that serve your goals?

True, some people may see your work in a physical space – in a bookstore, a gallery, a shop, or a catalogue – but not using the Internet to share your vision is going to limit the world’s exposure to your work. It’s that simple.

This month’s workshop is going to address those questions with a focus on balancing the risk of putting your work online with the reward of presenting yourself to prospective collectors, readers, buyers, or customers worldwide.

This jam-packed 1-hour interactive workshop will cover:

  • Effective methods of image protection that you should consider using
  • The image protection methods that don’t really work and you shouldn’t waste your time on
  • Reverse image search engines from best in class to don’t bother
  • Pros and cons of copyright (“search and rescue”) enforcement services
  • The promise of blockchain technology for the future of image protection

You put your visual art/images/photographs on the Internet because you want somebody to notice it. Either you’re selling your work or you are using the visual to make a point.

Either way, you want an audience.

But audiences come in three flavors – good, bad, and ignorant. There are those who will respect your work, those who will take it, and those who will take it without knowing any better.

This workshop is about theft prevention – prevention that can be easily built into your workflow, prevention that provides a basis for enforcement of your rights if your images are taken and used without your permission.

This workshop is being offered as a stand alone opportunity. You do not have to be a member of the Creative Law Center to attend it (members will have access, of course, and need not purchase the workshop separately). You’ll get an email with the Zoom link for Wednesday, September 21 at 1 p.m., EDT once you sign up. You will have lifetime access to the replay.

This is a live, interactive workshop using Zoom. You will be able to ask questions in real time, so bring your list.

Don’t miss it.

Image Protection on the Internet

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Kathryn Goldman helps small business people, writers, artists, and creative professionals make a living from their creative work by teaching them how to protect and enforce their rights. She is an attorney who writes these posts to help you be more thoughtful about intellectual property and the law as you build your business, write your stories, and create your art.