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Guarding the Game: IP Strategies for Game Creators [Live Workshop]

The tabletop game industry continues to thrive well past the spike it experienced during the pandemic when everybody spent hours playing games at home.

Kickstarter campaigns for board and card games raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Year after year, tabletop games have been one of the top categories on Kickstarter in terms of funds raised.

The need for robust intellectual property (IP) strategies to protect games and game creators has never been more critical.

This month’s workshop in the Creative Law Center is essential for creators looking to capitalize on this surge of interest while ensuring their innovations and creativity are fully protected.

Join us for a power-packed hour designed to navigate the complexities of IP law tailored specifically for the burgeoning world of tabletop games. Many of the topics covered will apply to video and digital games, as well.

What You Will Learn

  • Copyright Protection for Game Mechanics, Rules, and Materials
    Learn how copyright law can safeguard the unique elements of your game, including mechanics, rules, and written materials like instructions and manuals. Understand what aspects can be copyrighted and how to effectively secure these rights.
  • Artistic Copyright: Protecting Your Game’s Visual Components
    Dive deep into protecting your game’s artwork, design, and visual identity. This segment will guide you on how to maintain copyright over your game’s visual and narrative elements, ensuring that the essence of your game is legally protected.
  • Trademark Protection Your Game
    Uncover the power of trademark for your game’s name, logo, and distinctive elements. Learn how trademarks establish your brand in the market and protect it from misuse and confusion.
  • Navigating Contracts and Licensing Agreements
    Equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently navigate contracts with artists, manufacturers, and distributors. Understand licensing agreements for any third-party content or designs used in your game, ensuring your ownership rights are not compromised.
  • Counteracting Counterfeits and Copycats
    Develop strategies to monitor the market for counterfeits and take decisive action against unauthorized copies of your game. Protect your revenue, reputation, and the integrity of your creation in a competitive marketplace.

Downloadable Independent Contractor Agreement

Attendees will be able to download a comprehensive, ready-to-use independent contractor agreement template. This valuable resource ensures that you secure the rights you need when working with freelancers to develop your game.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is perfect for independent game creators, small game publishers, and anyone venturing into the development of board or card games. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to fortify an existing game, this session will equip you with the legal know-how to protect your work effectively.

Join us on Thursday, February 15th at 1 p.m. ET.

NOTE: In 2024, Creative Law Center workshops will be held on the third Thursday of each month (for the past three years, workshops were held on the third Wednesday of each month).

About the Author

Kathryn Goldman helps small business people, writers, artists, and creative professionals make a living from their creative work by teaching them how to protect and enforce their rights. She is an attorney who writes these posts to help you be more thoughtful about intellectual property and the law as you build your business, write your stories, and create your art.