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 Are you getting the deal terms you want?

Power Up Your Negotiating Skills.

Better negotiations lead to better relationships and better agreements.

Are you closing deals with confidence?

We all need to negotiate. In our personal lives and our professional lives. But it doesn't have to be a fight.

In fact, you'll get better deals and have better business relationships when you negotiate collaboratively to solve problems.

One of my mentors, Ron Shapiro, wrote a book on the power of nice in negotiations. I've incorporated his philosophy of nice into my practice and honed my own negotiating techniques over the years.

I've distilled these techniques into 10 Power Tips to share with you. They work.

As an innovative business owner or creative entrepreneur, chances are you want to work with others to produce long term results in your professional life.

These tips will help you be better at predicting and shaping the behavior of those with whom you are negotiating.


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Power Tips for Better Contract Negotiation

Learn the 10 steps I use when negotiating to craft agreements that give everyone what they bargain for and more.


  • how to replace stress with confidence
  • to dig below the surface to understand what is really motivating the other party
  • how to determine whether the person you are talking to has the authority to give you what you want
  • where your negotiating power really is

Master these negotiating tips and make them work for you.

Download the free Power Tips for Better Contract Negotiations today.

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