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creative law center membership


197 for three months

then $67 per month


for three months

then $67 per month

Intellectual property and business building resources, videos, live workshops, customizable documents, and access to legal services. 

  • Low cost membership that delivers high value 
  • Live monthly group workshops
  • Immediate and full access to legal reference library for quick and easy to understand answers to your questions
  • Unlimited downloads of workshop documents, checklists, and templates
  • Monthly membership fees accrue towards 1:1 legal services as long as you are a member

Protect Your Work

So You Can Profit from It

Protect Your Work

So You Can Profit from It

Membership in the Creative Law Center is designed to give you the resources, knowledge, and skills you need to help yourself when it comes to protecting the creative assets on which you are building your business, all while building affordable one-on-one access to an attorney when you need it.

Membership in the Creative Law Center is designed to give you the resources, knowledge, and skills you need to help yourself when it comes to protecting the creative assets on which you are building your business, all while building affordable one-on-one access to an attorney when you need it.



Membership Benefits

 Creative Law Center Resource Library 

The primary resource in the membership area is a comprehensive program called CP2~Content Protection for Creative Professionals. CP2 shows you how to use the legal and technological tools available to protect your business assets and creative work so you can profit from them. 

With the CP2 blueprint as a guide, you'll be mobilized to generate revenue from the ideas you've made happen.

This program helps you identify the creative work or business assets you can protect, shows you the best ways to protect your work and your business, teaches you how to monitor your portfolio for infringement or other unauthorized use, and gives you the tools you need to navigate the enforcement of your rights to protect your revenue.

CP2 is just the beginning. The resource library includes multiple workshop video replays, downloadable documents and templates, how-to videos, fact sheets, checklists, and links to vital references . . . and this library is still growing every month.

Live Workshops & Access to Video Recordings

Every month there is a live online, interactive workshop focused on legal issues that come up when businesses create content and creative professionals create their work.

In each live workshop you'll receive downloadable, reusable documents and templates are provided along with detailed answers for your specific issues and questions.

Workshop recordings available on demand include:

  • Copyright Protection for Short Online Literary Works
  • Copyright Protection for Creative Non-Fiction
  • Online Enforcement: Protecting Your Work on Amazon, Facebook, Google & Instagram
  • Book Covers: Tips, Trends, and Traps to Avoid for Better Book Sales with downloadable image license form contract
  • Copyright Transfer Agreements with downloadable form contract
  • Fair Use Analyses of Celebrities & Trademarks in Art & Fiction
  • Audio Book Deals, Marketing & Production Agreements with downloadable form contract
  • Work for Hire Agreements with downloadable form contract
  • Licensing Agreements 
  • Copyright Applications
  • Website Audits for Marketing, SEO, and Compliance with downloadable Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Trademarks and Branding for Creative Businesses
  • How to Minimize Risk when Writing Memoir
  • The 7 Basics for Starting an Online Business
  • Elements of an Agent's Agreement with Downloadable Example
  • Online Marketing Strategies that Increase Sales
  • How to Sell Creative Services with downloadable form contract
  • Choosing the Best Structure for Your Business
  • And more, in direct response to member requests

Attorney Access

There are times when professional legal assistance is needed and you can't or don't want to do it yourself. Attorneys can be expensive. That's why, after the first three months, your monthly payments of $67 accrue towards legal fees when you need that one-on-one help.

Think of it as a kind of Christmas Club for legal fees, a fund that builds up over time. Except you don't have to wait for Christmas to use it, you can use the balance for covered legal services whenever you need it for as long as you are a member.

(Covered legal services mean issues related to the workshop topics and CP2. Covered legal services do not include litigation or state law issues.)

About Me

Hello! I'm Kathryn Goldman and I want to make legal advice accessible and affordable to creatives and innovative businesses (like yours) so you can create new work and products with confidence.

I hate it when businesses aren't started, art doesn't get made, products aren't created, or books don't get written . . . simply because the creator doesn't know if what they want to do is "legal." That's why I've spent more than 30 years representing creative professionals and businesses. I'm AV rated by Martindale and a SuperLawyer in Intellectual Property.

I have proven strategies for business building and intellectual property rights enforcement. The Creative Law Center membership is one way for me to share those strategies with you.  

To me, accessible means affordable and understandable. So I've developed the Creative Law Center to give you these resources in easy to use formats and easy to grasp language . . . . and at a low investment that makes sense for you and your business.

Here’s what people are saying about

the Creative Law Center

Erin Mitchell

Studio Owner & Video Producer

. . . excited about my business and ready to grow it!

I was worried that I didn't know all the answers to questions that might be asked, that it would be overwhelming to deal with this part of my business. Kathryn's expertise made it simple and easy. I even got excited about this part of my business. She has me feeling really prepared to grow it!

Reese Dante

Book Cover Designer & Artist

. . . making the complex seem simple.

Kathryn is a skilled professional. I was concerned about being able to understand the legal areas that affected my work. My worry immediately dissolved. Her language is without the legalese I expected. I'm incredibly thankful to have such a valuable resource so readily available.

Jamie Davis

Author of Fun Fantasy Reads

. . . even an author can understand.

Kathryn takes complex legal agreements and explains them in ways even an author can understand. She offers concrete suggestions and that leave you in a stronger position for your ongoing or future negotiations.

Get the Legal Guidance You Need

When You Need It
 at a Price You Can Afford

I don't sell contracts or legal templates. There are lots of places that do. I offer guidance with the legal language you need to back it up.

If you were to hire me for a private consultation, a strategy session, or to customize a document for your needs, it could easily cost  $1,000 or more. By offering access to a membership that allows you to accrue your membership fees to buy future legal services, I'm able to offer you the benefits of a private consultation, answering all your questions (and those you haven't thought of that come from other members) for a significantly lower price.

There are key differences between membership in the Creative Law Center and a private attorney-client consultation.

In the Creative Law Center setting, I'm an instructor. You are a student. You will being doing the work to understand the legal processes needed to get your deal done, grow your business or protect your creations. I'm here to help you understand how the process works so you can do it. 

However, there is no attorney-client relationship between us in the membership setting or during the monthly workshops. There is no confidentiality. All members and workshop participants will be able to hear the questions asked by anyone else and any follow-up discussion.

If you need confidentiality, you need to hire me as your attorney. And as a Creative Law Center member, you're building a fund from your membership fees that you can draw on to hire me one-on-one when you need me. 

creative law center membership


197 for three months

then $67 per month


for three months

then $67 per month

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to the private membership area of the Creative Law Center and its growing resource library.  The membership area is where you will have access to CP2~Content Protection for Creative Professionals and past workshops. It is also where each new monthly workshop will be announced and your customizable, downloadable documents can be found.

Unlimited Downloads

Every time a new document is added as a resource to the member area, it comes with a live workshop that explains what the terms of the document mean and how it can be customized for your business. Download the documents in Word as many times as you need for as long as they are available. Use them digitally or in hard copy. (Please don't share them.)

Questions Before, During, or After

Everyone's questions will be answered during each monthly workshop until there are no more questions. If you can't attend live, you can email your questions in advance and they will be answered during the live event. Think of a question afterwards? Ask follow-up questions and I'll be sure to answer. 

24/7 Access

You can to login to the membership area from virtually anywhere, whenever you want, and access all the resources then available. Resources are added every month. Some resources and downloads will only be available for a limited time. But the nearly three hours of video, downloads, checklists, and facts sheets that make up CP2~Content Protection for Creative Professionals will always be available.

Monthly Fees Accumulate for Legal Services

Legal fees can be expensive, but not getting the help when you need it could end up being a nightmare. After your initial payment of $197, your monthly membership fee of $67 accrues towards legal fees for covered services when you need that one-on-one help. Covered legal services mean issues related to the workshop topics and CP2. Covered legal services do not include litigation or state law issues.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I'm confident that once you've seen me inside the Creative Law Center Membership Area, you'll be delighted and want to stay with us for the long term. However, if you are not happy with your membership in the Creative Law Center, I will work with you and answer your questions until you are. Because you will have immediate access to the full library of resources as soon as you join, no refunds are available.

Look at what others have to say about CP2~Content Protection for Creative Professionals, the primary resource available to you as a member of the Creative Law Center.

Peter DeHaan

Editor & Author

Best online course.

Kathryn packed so much value into this course. I can’t believe how much I learned. I’ve taken many online classes and this is by far the best.

Kathleen Harte Gilsenan


Great Course!!

I was not able to participate in the live sessions but Kathryn addressed all the questions I sent in. The course was terrific. I feel I learned so much. I look forward to participating in Kathryn's upcoming courses and workshops.

Frances Knight


Kathryn's course was valuable to me.

What I liked about the course is that it made clear and broke down into parts what has been a very difficult area for me to address. I am not so good at the business side of my art. So Kathryn's course was very valuable to me to take the actions I needed to take easier and more accessible. 

creative law center membership


197 for three months

then $67 per month


for three months

then $67 per month

On a personal note

I've answered hundreds of questions about intellectual property protection and enforcement in blog comments, email, and in person. I'm proud of the way the Creative Law Center has evolved from those interactions into a membership community that helps entrepreneurs and creative professionals get accessible, affordable, and effective legal assistance and information. I hope you'll join me as a member.

Any questions about the membership? Use the button above to book a call with me or, if you prefer, shoot me an email at [email protected].


Gain ownership and control over the creative assets you need -- then protect them -- to make your business a success. 


Adding the Ease to Legalese.

Kathryn Goldman is an attorney and this site should be considered attorney advertising.